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Block Mills are becoming increasing popular in India. Initially, block mills were setup by steel producers whose main product was wire rod. The trend is rapidly changing for TMT bars too. Today steel producers who are wanting to increase their production capacities opt for Block Mills as their finishing mill group.

Block mills come with various advantages of easy bar speed alteration, simple yet extremely effective automation, improved quality of bars and rods, compact design taking less space, just to name a few. The objective of a CASE Block Mill is to roll the reheated steel billet into wire rods or TMT bars at speeds which are not possible with conventional finishing stands. A complete revamping of the finishing mill section including block mill, high-speed shear, brake pinch rolls, rotary drum cooling bed design ensures higher productivity up to 40m/s speeds for 8mm bars, keeping in view the highest levels of safety, product quality, and operational consistency. For wire rods CASE block mills are designed to run at speeds up to 100m/s.

CASE Block Mills are well known in the rolling mill industry for their unbeatable design, equipment durability, state of the art technology, world-class performance and relentless service to its clientele. The growing demands on the quality of rolled steel products as well as its flexibility and cost-effectiveness have necessitated the development of new and innovative technologies and processes. CASE Block Mills have all the quality to withstand the demands of the market.

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