CFBC Gasifiers


Circulating Fluidized Bed Coal (CFBC) Gasification Technology

CFBC gasification is presently rated as the most economical, environmental friendly, operational ease and latest technology in coal gasification. In this technology, coal fines (<10mm) can be used to gasifying with the help of self generated steam (gasifying agent).


After crushing and sieving, the coal (size less then 10mm) is transferred to the main gasifier bin through conveyors and coal scuttles. The coal from the main bin is injected into the gasifier from the lower section of the gasifier shell with the help of screw feeders. Pre-heated air along with steam is pumped into the gasifier shell. The coal is combusted at temperatures above 1000dg C. Coal streams are in the fluidization state, the furnace contains no dry distillation layer, and the tars, phenols and cyanides decompose completely under high temperature and are converted to complex hydrocarbon structures and become an integral part of the combustible gas. Coal Gas at temperatures above 950dg C flows through cyclone separator, high temperature preheater/ waste heat recovery, fly-ash filter and gas cooler for cooling down. The clean cold gas can then be transported though pipeline for usage at required pressures and volumes.

CFBC gasification successfully substitutes the use of high cost fuels such as heating oil, LDO, HFO, natural gas, propane etc. These fuels which are used for the thermal application of the process are substituted by Coal gas/ Producer gas generated through coal gasification technology.

CASE is in partnership with KEDA (China) who are the pioneers of CFBC gasification technologies. KEDA has more than 100 installations running successfully in various applications. These gasifiers come in capacities of 20,000-60,000 Nm3/Hr in single modules.

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