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Copper (Cu) tube moulds supplied by CASE are specifically designed for their applicability for the Continuous Casting Machine (CCM). The raw material which is sponge iron DRI or Scrap is melted in an induction or an electric arc furnace. This molten metal is refined in a LRF and then transferred to the tundish of a CCM. The molten metal is then casted into billets, blooms, slabs etc. of different sizes.

It has been concluded that the most critical section of a continuous casting machine (CCM) is where the liquid metal transforms into solid form. This is the section where the mould and related technologies come into existence to achieve successful and high-quality castings.

CASE Cu Moulds offer extra-long service-life. These moulds are designed for maximum heat transfer rate from the top section down to the bottom of the tube. The taper-geometry depends on the steel-grades and casting conditions and is designed with the aim of minimizing the gap between the solidifying shell and the copper tube.

CASE Cu moulds come with the following advantages:

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