Gasification is the process of extracting maximum amount of energy from combustible materials like coal, biomass and other carbonaceous materials through heating in an environment of controlled oxygen. The insufficient supply of oxygen allows the material to combust, thereby, producing quality producer gas. However, in order to extract more usable producer gas, the carbonaceous material should contain moisture content in it or artificial steam should be supplied from outside.

These days, coal usage has become widespread among manufacturing industries worldwide. The availability of coal reserves is much higher as compared to oil and gas reserves, which is the major reason behind the increasing use of coal gasification technology. Moreover, the increasing price of petroleum product like diesel, furnace oil, kerosene etc has made coal-firing as primary choice, a relatively less expensive carbon-containing material.

CASE Group understands coal as an excellent material to compete against other fuels more effectively. Therefore, the company offers state-of-art gasification technologies which are more environment-friendly and efficient for a number of industrial applications.

CASE coal gasifier carbonaceous material undergoes four processes:

Gasifier works on the principle of partial combustion of coal thus producing primarily Carbon Mono oxide called Producer Gas. Our Gasifiers come in totally knocked down condition.

These Gasifiers are 100% Made in India in line with Atmanirbharta and Make-In-India philosophy.

We are proud to state CASE Gasifier is only gasifier which is able to replace 100% Alternate fuels for heating application.

Process flow of the hot gas station MA series.

Coal will be transferred by coal bucket with the help of a winch or conveyor into the hopper on the top of the gasifier. Coal is fed automatically through a state-of-the-art leak proof triple stoker into the gasifier. Air along with gasifying agent (steam) is fed at the bottom of the gasifier through the gasifier air blower. Steam is self-generated by the water in the water jacket around the gasifier and fed through the vapour drum which is located on the top of the gasifier. Ash is discharged automatically from the bottom of the gasifier with the help of rotating ash pan. Producer gas consisting of CO, H & CH is produced after series of oxidation, reduction and pyrolysis process taking place in the gasifier. The gas then flows through the primary water seal into the cyclone dust separator or secondary water seal & then through the user water seal before finally entering into burners of the user equipment.

By including the Automatic feature, the process can be visualized on the HMI screen with temperature & pressure measured at the inlet and outlet of the gasifier. Automation also include automatic water feeding in the vapour drum, measuring of number of coal feeding stokers and automation of ash removal system from the gasifier. Quantum of the gas fed through the gasifier display is an optional feature.


CASE Hot Coal Gasifier Model Selection- MA Series

Hot Coal Gasifier Images

Models Available to higher flow rates

Coal Consumption & Maximum Gas Flow depends on the quality of Coal.

Hot Coal Gasifier Images
Hot Coal Gasifier Images

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