Yash Forgings Pvt Ltd, Nagpur

Yash Forgings Pvt Ltd, Nagpur After successful replacement of the use of furnace oil by producer gas for reheating billets and ingots, CASE Group then decided to try CASE gasification technology in the forging process. With the group expertise, the company then took a step towards introducing Coal Gasifier for heating of billets and ingots in small forging units.
An initial technical studies by CASE Group experts indicated that the producer gas can be used to heat ingots and billets in box furnaces.
The re rolling, as the name suggests, is a process, where in, the heated ingots and billets go between series of hard rollers, which are assembled in a stand, known as Mill Stand. The shape of product produced in re rolling process is defined by the grooves and stand.
On the other hand, forging is a process where in the raw materials are treated under hammers and specific dies to produce final shape of the product, as desired.
The metallurgical and mechanical properties of the billets and ingots, more or less, remain the same in both the re rolling and forging process. Hence, it has been decided to use the Gasifier for the forging units.
In order to help forging industries deliver the best of quality products at the most economical rate, CASE Group approached the industries toward providing Gasifiers with unique technical specifications catering to the forging industries. CASE Coal Gasifiers are capable of generating considerable amount of gas for combustion. It is for the first time in India, that coal gas is being used in the heating of the ingots for the forging process.
Considering the benefits of using Coal Gasifier for forging, Mr. Yash Bhandari, a young director of the Yash Forgings Pvt Ltd at Nagpur in Maharashtra eagerly agreed to install CASE Gasifier at his unit. The installation following commissioning of gasifieras been done and is running successfully on site.

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CASE introduces Pyrolysis ultra clean coal gas station in India. This patent technology of our Chinese partners is a boon for industry. Inspite of being lower in CAPEX & OPEX. It has huge advantages over any other variants of Gasifiers in the world.

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