CASE Entrained

Flow Coal Gasifiers

These gasifiers are Fourth-Generation Coal Gasifiers where the technology is better than Circulating bed coal gasifiers. In this technology, High ash coal can be used of size less than 100 microns.

The Gas is filtered and used by the user. The pressure of gas coming out of the gasifier can be plus 80 KPA. In this technology 100% Oxygen can be used instead of air as gasifying agent by which calorific value of plus 2400Kcal/Nm3 can be achieved in the gas. This is a boon where the thermal process requires higher Calorimetric temperatures.

These gasifiers are down draft in contrast to all the above three cousins. In these gasifiers the temperature is maintained over Ash fusion temperature of coal used. The majority ash comes out in liquid form from the bottom.

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  • CASE Entrained Flow Coal Gasifiers

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